Put your face in the video. Be on stage with your favourite artist. It’s a lot of fun and — you are going to be famous, almost.

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To start making your video, we need Your Photo and Name. Upload a photo where you are alone (no other faces) and for the best possible results:

  • Face the camera directly
  • Use a picture with good lighting
  • Avoid glasses or accessories

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Great pic Maximiliano

You’re doing great. You’ll be Almost Almost Famous in no time! Now let’s Choose an Avatar to put that pretty face of yours onto. Pick from one of the characters on the right.


Time to create your video. Would you like to Automate the Process or Select the Exact Scenes you want to be in?

Select The Scenes. I'M Picky!

We're so close now. We just have to choose the pictures you want in your video. Are you an Elvis fan? A Buddyholic? Choose 5 Images from the images on the right or click the Random Button to get a special selection of our best pics!

… that when Elvis first appeared on television he was filmed from the waist up because his hip movements were considered scandalous?

Last Step

It’s time to Select a Track from our Jukebox. This is the track that will be on your video, so choose wisely!